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    Hunan investment focus(Group)Co., LTD,Is the domestic earlier engaged in investment and financing intermediary service institutions,In the folk lending、Folk capital operation, and other fields to provide clients with high quality financial intermediary services of the company。The company successively in changsha、Leiyang、Its、Chenzhou、Guangdong shaoguan and other places set up10Many retail units,Provide for the customer asset management,Project docking, etc。Bo YangAnTai is there investment in hunan province(Group)Co., LTD., the integrated use of chain stores、Efficient management of folk capital transactions、Investment and financing services of private financial chain brand。As countries develop financial strategy,The advent of the era of rapid development of the financial sector。Companies a comprehensive upgrade there business model and product system,Is dedicated to the broad masses of customers to provide more professional、Security、Convenient financial services。Bo Yang
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  • 1403Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】Changsha headquarters“3On public welfare”,We are in action
    In today's era of increasingly rich in matter,There is still a part of the bottom of the people don't even have the most basic life safeguard,The mostly elderly gentleman;They are more or less with the disease,Have certain physiological、IQ defects,Inner loneliness,And helpless living in nursing homes。 Meng Ziyun:Care for the elderly,And the old man。Our baby,And young people。Love helpage is our support…
  • 1403Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】Headlines 丨 tiansheng cane equity subscribed capital and vivid language networking ceremony was held successfully
    2019Years3Month7On the afternoon,Hunan focus investment co., LTD., a subsidiary of tiansheng cane capital of vivid language Internet network technology co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“Vivid language”)Stock options contract signing ceremony in the vivid language headquarters at wuhan。Signing ceremony for tiansheng cane capital of vivid language to invest stock options,Tiansheng cane for capital contribution subscribed capital。 (To the left:Vivid language group, chairman of the horn…
  • 0103Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】2018The annual recognition and2019In the work plan a successful ending!
    2019Years2Month22On the afternoon2Points,Hunan focus investment co., LTD“2018The annual recognition and2019The work plan”Officially held in changsha dacheng international hotel。
  • 1005Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】Bertrand2019In the first phase of manager training to learn the conference a complete end
    5Month10Day,The theme of“Row of refugees,Steady progress”Bertrand2019In the first phase of manager training learning conference held in AnRenXi source hotel smoothly,Bertrand, managing and ten director of a branch office there、Each functional department head、Training lecturer、Risk control specialist, etc40People attended the meeting。
  • 2404Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】Leiyang-Bo YangAnTai brilliant JiuZhou years thank customers door opening game
    A goal kick movement is a welcome by the elderly sports,Originated in France,20Century30S introduced to our country,1970Started as the project of the elderly in China。 (To attend the opening ceremony of the team)In response to the state council promulgated《The national fitness program》The call,Meet there leiyang branch customers friend's growing sports demand and desire for healthy living;4Month24…
  • 1302Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】2019In the opening ceremony!New atmosphere,The new road!
    Bowed out one yuan after beginning,New Year in vientiane update,Wind and rain unintentionally rush time,Snow is interested in winter jasmine again。On the occasion of everything goes well、A fine day,Group chairman xie held together with hunan focus investment co., LTD. Headquarters staff2019Opening ceremony of the year。 Opening ceremony by each department colleagues one by one, published in the New Year blessing,At the end of all the staff after the New Year wishes,The chairman xie published for all employees…
  • 2212Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】Better focus 丨 just to let you meet——20183) managers training learning conference
    To earnestly implement the focus group for the board2018Work in the guidance of the spirit,Further defined2019The annual work direction,Committed to2019Year hit a new high,Hunan focus investment co., LTD20183) managers in training meeting12Month21Solstice22Day in sight purple city xin deiss hotel was held。General manager PeiLuJie with different functional departments of the company manager,Each branch director and marketing manager to participate…
  • 1912Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】Enjoy a pleasant day—Black elk peak party building
    To enhance Bertrand headquarters staff cohesion and team cooperation spirit,2018Years12Month19Day,Hunan focus investment co., LTD to develop a meaningful party building activities。The activity in changsha city black elk peak outdoor development training base,By the headquarters in hunan focus investment co., LTD17Employees to participate in together。 Bo friends to expand on the black mi peak YangAnTai headquarters under the leadership of company,All the way,…
  • 1812Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】丨 bo YangAnTai eighth anniversary celebration and branch customer thanks will ended
    8Years of honed,8Years of unity is strength,8Years of intensive cultivation,Hunan agriculture layout national focus investment co., LTD,Created the extraordinary achievement,8In hunan focus investment co., LTD, the national ten a branch to hundreds of thousands of people to provide quality financial services。Bo YangAnTai unstoppable, With each passing day。 2018How time flies,And by the end of year。Hunan focus investment co., LTD…
  • 0912Month
    【Bo YangAnTai】Headlines 丨 tiansheng cane and ShengHe capital reached a strategic cooperation
    2018Years12Month7Day,Hunan focus investment co., LTD., a subsidiary of tiansheng cane capital and ShengHe cornerstone investment fund management(Beijing)Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as:ShengHe capital)Held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony。 Sign up the agenda (Tiansheng cane capital and ShengHe capital strategic cooperation signing ceremony)The meeting,The two sides had communication cooperation details,In such aspects as investment logic are discussed in this paper,And by tiansheng cane…
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